A message from ROSC

Hi, I'm Bob from ROSC.  Before showing you the benefits and objective of this module, I wanted to take a minute to discuss the overall value and importance of this course.

I have been on-boarding and coaching Advanced Practice Providers and Critical Care RN's for over six years.  I have found, regardless of your Critical Care specialty, there are "educational building blocks" that must be put in place.  One of those building blocks is Shock.  Heck, a 1/3 of our patients in Critical Care will be in shock at some point of their hospital stay!

Over years of refinement, I have developed the Critical Care Shock Lecture series.  

You will walk away from this course with the expertise and knowledge to improve your patients outcomes!

The Course Curriculum

12 Chapter Course

This course has taken countless hours to develop.  This is one of most comprehensive Shock courses you will find!

Back to the basics

Venous Return, Cardiac Output, Oxygen Balance and Hemodynamics  All vital topics that we will cover to improve outcomes!

Fluid Resuscitation

This is actually a three part series included within the shock series.  We cover: Fluid resuscitation, Fluid responsiveness and Fluid tolerance!

Vasoactive agents

Know the tools in your tool box.  This course includes discussions on vasoconstrictors, inopressors, inodilators and vasodilators. 

All shock classifications

Distributive, Cardiogenic, Obstructive and Hypovolemic.  Learn etiologies, pathophysiology and hemodynamic profiles.

FREE Downloadable Study Guides

Detailed, colored study guides.  Designed for you to print out and assist at the bedside!

Additional Enrollment Benefits

Always Current & Updated

Rest assured that all content is up to date, evidence based information. I closely watch guidelines and literature to ensure a quality product and education.

Support from an Actual Expert

I have the experience and knowledge you are looking for!  I am an experienced educator and understand what you need to know at bedside. 

can this course be reimbursed by my employer?

ROSC provides the necessary documentation required by most healthcare organizations for reimbursement.  Upon purchase, you will receive a detailed receipt/invoice.  At the completion of each course, you will immediately receive a certification of completion.  ROSC has invested in state of the art technology for your employer to validate completion certificates.  ROSC is also happy to provide brief documentation to any inquiring organization.


No Question Goes Unanswered

No Question Goes Unanswered Guarantee

Every lesson in this course has a place for you to ask questions and receive a response from me. I always respond in a timely fashion. You'll never be left without an answer. Ever.

Who is this Course for?

  • While ROSC is dedicated to providing education for Advanced Practice Providers  and Critical Care Registered Nurses, its material is appropriate for all disciplines.
  • Critical Care RN's, Advanced Practice Providers, Critical Care Pharmacists, Respiratory Therapist and non-Intensivist MD's 
  • All experience levels.  Whether you are just getting out of school or you hold years of experience; this course is for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Email me ([email protected]) if you still have questions!

What's the course format?

All lessons are video lessons and pre-recorded. All content of the course can be viewed at your pace.  In addition, ROSC utilizes "drip restriction education".  Similar to a classroom, you only will get to lesson #2, if lesson #1 is complete.  In regards to Shock education, this "Drip" process is essential.  I stress the value of "educational building blocks"; this course sequentially helps you build your Shock knowledge!

Is this course too basic or advanced for me?

Neither.  All ROSC lessons and courses are built from the ground up. I use objective lesson plans that navigate through basic science, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment.  Something for everyone in every lesson!

What tools and tech do I need? 

All you need is a basic desktop or laptop with audio.  To have an optimal experience, I strongly recommend not using a phone or tablet.

How do I get help if I have questions?

Every lesson has an area for questions. I ask that you utilize this area for support so that others can see your questions and benefit from them as well. Have something personal that you don't feel comfortable sharing with other students? Contact me directly through the Members dashboard section.

Is the cost of this course justified?

The simple answer is yes!  

If you're asking as an individual Clinician, this course is packed full of knowledge that can be immediately applied to patient care.  

If you're asking as an organizational leader, lets break this down.  These lectures are evidence-based presentations requiring literature searches, content creation, preparation, multiple software programs, cloud storage and most of all, an expert presenter.  For every one hour of lecture, it takes a minimum of six hours preparation.  Next, everyone wants virtual material these days; add another six hours of video editing to every hour of lecture material.  There are approximately 12 hours of material in this course; that's about 144 hours of work.  If you were able to hire a dedicated Educator and paid them median value wages, this course would cost you over $10,000 to create and store.  Reimbursing for this course is not only a value to your employee but also a cost savings to your organization.

What is the refund policy?

Since enrollment gives you instant access to this digital product along with all its knowledge content, your purchase is non-refundable.

I will personally assure your satisfaction.  I have a "no question goes unanswered guarantee."