Last updated July 2023

By purchasing products (Courses, Downloads and All-Access membership) from ROSC, LLC you agree and enter into the terms of the following Refund Policy. 

Courses and Downloads

You have immediate access to content upon purchasing.  Due to the inherit nature of this access, there is no ability to refund a purchase.  ROSC, LLC does not offer any money back guarantee and no refunds will be issued.

Consulting/Advisement Services

All consulting/advisement services are entered into by a legally binding contract supplied by ROSC, LLC.  Details of such a contract can be supplied upon request and at the time of entering such a binding agreement.

What do we guarantee?

We guarantee your satisfaction.  In fact, we put our name behind it!  We have a clear and easy policy of "no question left unanswered."  ROSC, LLC is here for any questions or perceived deficits in any material that a client wishes further clarification on. ROSC will get you the knowledge, whether it's a simple question to clarify or a query that requires an extensive literature search.