All Access Pass Membership

Included with your membership

  • Access to all current courses!
  • Access to all bedside reference guides!
  • Access to all future content !

$999 for your first year, then only $199/year

First initial years payment includes $800 membership start up fee, in addition to a $199 yearly subscription.  $199 every consecutive year there after.

Access to everything pass, present and future while you maintain your active membership.

Who was the All Access Pass create for?

  • Great for the dedicated Clinician looking for an array of Critical Care education.  Why buy separate courses when you can have them all? 
  • Excellent for on-boarding programs.  Buy the All Access Pass for each new hire; assign what courses for the trainee to review.  After each course completed, request the trainee's ROSC course certificate of completion.  Great way to ensure structured education with an administrative paper trail.  All at the fraction of the cost of an on-site Educator.
  • All experience levels.  Whether you are just getting out of school or you hold years of experience; ROSC is for everyone!

Additional All Access BenefitsBenefits

Always Current & Updated

Rest assured that all content is up to date, evidence based information. I closely watch guidelines and literature to ensure a quality product and education.

Support from an Actual Expert

I have the experience and knowledge you are looking for!  I am an experienced educator and understand what you need to know at bedside. 

can the all access pass be reimbursed by my employer?

ROSC provides the necessary documentation required by most healthcare organizations for reimbursement.  Upon purchase, you will receive a detailed receipt/invoice.  At the completion of each course, you will immediately receive a certification of completion.  ROSC has invested in state of the art technology for your employer to validate completion certificates.  ROSC is also happy to provide brief documentation to any inquiring organization.


No Question Goes Unanswered

No Question Goes Unanswered Guarantee

Every lesson in this course has a place for you to ask questions and receive a response from me. I always respond in a timely fashion. You'll never be left without an answer. Ever.